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Parent Workshops

We are constantly creating new workshops that address the specific business and human resource needs of our customers. All workshops are interactive, exciting and goal–oriented. Our experienced staff will meet with you beforehand to listen to your needs and then plan a workshop tailored to your request.

All workshops include experienced facilitators, giveaways and games, handouts and materials. Workshops can be anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours.

Early Awareness College Prep for 9th & 10th Grade

Statistics show that in a college graduate will earn over $1 million more in their lifetime over those who have a high school diploma. Come learn about the NYS standards for getting into a competitive college, summer and opportunity programs at colleges for high school students, and create a timeline for college visits, applications and financial aide. This workshop will be jam packed with information to help students and parents gain a better understanding of the college application process.

College Prep: 11th & 12th Graders

This hands-on workshop will guide parents and students down the path of the CUNY (City University of NY), SUNY (State University of NY) application systems, private schools, and out of state school. Parents will get an in depth look at real applications, requirements for acceptance into programs, past financial aide packages, & explore the options of commuting versus residential campuses with their students. The workshop will also do an overview of the importance of SAT testing and scholarship research.

Immigrant & Special Populations

Hands-on session guiding parents and student through the application process as undocumented parents or students. There will also be a list of resources and scholarships available specifically for undocumented families. There will be information on work-related programs and alternatives to college.

Financial Aid: Demystifying the FAFSA & College

Financial Aid decisions Hands-on session guiding parents and students through the college financial aid application process.

Financial Literacy: The basics of understanding our money

Learn how to manage your money, credit cards, college loans, debt, etc.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

Meet your daily challenges by learning strategies for effective goal setting and prioritizing to help organize your life. Participants are provided with tools and techniques that help them specify and accomplish the steps needed to realize their goals.

Job Readiness for Parents

Learn the difference between a job and a career in this engaging and useful workshop. Parents will learn practical skills such as resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and where and how to look for jobs. We’ll also cover topics relevant to modern families such as work-life balance, re-entering the workforce, and choosing a career suited to your personality.

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