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Professional Development

We are constantly creating new workshops that address the specific business and human resource needs of our customers. All workshops are interactive, exciting and goal–oriented. Our experienced staff will meet with you beforehand to listen to your needs and then plan a workshop tailored to your request.

All workshops include experienced facilitators, giveaways and games, handouts and materials. Workshops can be anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours.

Sustainability Workshops

A series of dynamic workshops designed to help your school get and maintain funding.

Goal Setting

Participants learn the connection between goal setting and success in business and personal life. They practice writing goals and learning to make them specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely.

Team Building

One of our most popular workshops, this highly engaging session, offers groups opportunities to learn the tenets of team building and practice collaboration. Games and activities get people out of their chairs and into new experiences that challenge.

Managing Change

This important topic is often relevant in corporations and schools experiencing organizational change, downsizing, restructuring or growth. Participants move beyond the emotional aspects of change to look for opportunities to progress and thrive.

Developing Leaders

Developing leaders is one the most important things an organization can do to ensure its success. This workshop gives you specific methods to help identify and develop leaders in your business. A must for new managers or supervisors.

Managing Conflict

Conflict can be a healthy part of life and an instigator of positive change if it is managed constructively. Using role-play and real-life situations, this interactive workshop gives participants techniques for handling conflict with colleagues, clients, vendors or staff.

Creating Shared Vision, Mission and Values

This interactive workshop for organizational leaders guides the process of creating a dynamic company vision, mission statement and set of shared core values. This is the cornerstone of a successful business model.

Dealing With Difficult People

In this workshop participants work together and role-play types of difficult people. This informative session is both fun and valuable for improving communication techniques.

Management 101

A popular workshop for new managers, we focus on the basics of employee management including performance coaching techniques, incentive building and motivation. This can also include a section on “managing up” or “How to Work with Bosses”.

Focusing on Your Strengths, Not Your Deficits

Puts the focus on employee’s strengths and how to harness all their talents to bring more success for the individual, the team and the organization.

The Creative Process in the Workplace

Allows participants the opportunity to explore and share their creative process. It focuses on the value of fostering creativity in the workplace to lead to more fulfilled employees, high moral, low turnover and a better bottom-line.

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