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Updated: Dec 6, 2018

As well as being a Success Coach, I’m a writer and the owner of a small independent book publishing company. I started about ten years ago to publish my own work and then began publishing other people’s stuff. It’s very much a work of passion that I fit into my hectic schedule so I continue to have a voice and interaction with literature.

We work in all genres, and put out a couple of books a year. We look for things that are not going to be picked up by large presses. We can’t do things that are novel length because the books are made by hand. The authors all come together at book binding parties to help sew the books.

It’s great to have a job that allows for a New York City paycheck and still allows you to be creative. I get to go and do a class and interact with kids about their lives, what they want and where they’re going, and provide them a service, and when I go home, I have enough space to pursue my other endeavors and take care of my two year old daughter, so it’s really ideal. I get a lot of the great things about teaching, but without it being the really dominating job that full time teaching can be.

Reading and writing is a way to empower yourself to communicate with the word. If you read, it helps you become a better writer, so I try to connect with kids on the idea that if they want to be heard, if they have something to say, they have to learn how to say it.

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